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Reservations to include up to 10% discount

Reservation request, card payment
Se admiten Tarjetas Visa, Mastercard, Maestro...
or Bank transfer
Reserva Normal
Reserva con Descuento
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General Conditions
  • - To formalise a reservation payment is by means of credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro), or a bank transfer, paying 20% of the total amount of the reservation (Not refundable) and the remainder to be paid at Reception on arrival.
  • - Reservations may be made up to 1 day before arrival date, if the reservation was made by bank transfer please take into account this could take up to 2 days to be received, therefore the reservation would not be confirmed until receipt of this money transfer.
  • - The minimum stay is 1 day, consult via phone: +34 965853300
General Conditions
  • - To formalise a reservation payment is by means of credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro), or a bank transfer, paying 50% of the total amount of the reservation, (Not refundable) and the remainder to be paid at Reception on arrival.
  • - Reservations may be made up to 15 days before arrival date. Less than 15 days the system will automatically calculate a suplement equal to the amount od discount offered, wich in reality will be the same price as a normal reservation, but still paying 50% of the total amount of the reservation.
  • - The minimum stay is 7 days. If you try to make a reservation for less than 7 days the system will automatically advise of no availability.
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Cards accepted: Visa, Mastercard and Maestro.

- To consult price and availability of rental apartments, Click here (normal procedure), or Click here to consult price and availability with discount up to 10%.

- The price shown on the 1st screen does not include any discounts, to take advantage of discounts available up to 10% Click onto Book or Request , there will appear an index to fill in the details if you agree with all the Terms and Conditions and the discount will be shown.Ejemplo de consulta de precio

- A deposit of 40 €uros per adult is required on arrival, to guarantee correct use of all facilities, this will be refunded on the day of departure.

- Special request will be attended to wherever posible, but cannot be confirmed or guaranteed.

- People who are not declared or included on the reservation are not permitted to stay in the apartments.

- Total price must be paid before entrance and is not refundable.

**** Prices and Conditions are subject to revision without prior notice. It is necessary to consult and confirm these conditions with the reservation. Previous discounts and conditions before this date are null and void.

The duration of these discounts are (unless specified otherwise) are indefinite and temporary, and will be valis only whilst published on the Benibeach web page:

Should you wish to obtain, as a guide, our prices and availability according to the type of apartment and dates, use our booking engine.

¿How do I make a reservation?
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Imágenes de Ayuda
Steps to follow
  • 1st Step, Choose if you wish to take advantage of the Discount including the Conditions or not, Click onto on of these links: Reservation (Normal) o Reservation (Up to 10% Discount). The corresponding page will appear with 3 types of apartments available of 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms.Depending on your preference, in the type that you require, put the arrival date and number of nights you would like to stay and click on SEARCH.
  • 2nd Step, A new Window will open wich will inform you of availability and price of the reservation you have chosen, this price will include any suplement if applicable (for example: short stay of less than 7 days) but not the discounts. This means that if you have chosen the reservation with discount this will be applied in step 3. If there is no availability, instead of a reservation it will ask you to consult, click onto BOOK or REQUEST.
  • 3rd Step, A new window will open with a form to fill in, please indicate at this time the total number of occupants including children, infants (under 2 years of age) will not be included in the count as a cot would be required (suplementary beds are not supplied). For example: A couple with a baby of 1 year will count as 2 adults, a couple with a chils of 15 years count as 2 adults 1 child. Once the information has been filled in correctly we can prepare for the necessary payment of 20% or 50% of the total price to formalise the reservation. (Now is where the appropiate discounts will have been applied), Whether or not paying with credit card or by bank transfer, click SEND>>>.
  • 4th Step, your reservation page will appear with your information and a reference number, this is necessary for when you arrive at Benibeach reception, please print this or print your e-mail confirmation. If you are paying by credit card go to the top of screen where you will see a box: Click on PAYMENT. A new secure window will open where the payment can be sent directly to the bank. We do not manipulate or store any detail or information from your credit card. This procedure is 100% SECURE. In the case of the payment being made by bank transfer, details will appear to make the payment (20% or 50% of the total price of reservation) and in the following 2 working days a confirmation of your reservation will be sent by e-mail. (Please remember to complete the process by clicking on FINISH, this will automatically send your confirmation).
  • VERY IMPORTANT , For reasons of security we do not store any information of your credit card, likewise any reservation made by credit card carries a security code. Should an error be made e.g. mistake in card nor expiry date expired, etc, etc., the whole process would have to be repeated from the begining. That is to say that mistakes cannot be rectified once entered into the reservation system.
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If you need to know our rental prices depending on the kind of apartment (number of bedrooms) and dates as an aproximation, use our booking engine.

A minimun of 1 day stay is required

If you wish anyway to communicate with us, please use phone (+34 965853300) or our email

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